Monday, December 6, 2010

Unwrap The Present

This week for singing time, I was inspired by the game Unwrap The Present.

I brought a wrapped present to singing time. We sang our Christmas songs we are working on and while we sang them, the kids passed the present around the room. The pianist would stop whenever her heart desired and the kid with the present had to unwrap ONE layer of the wrapping and answer the question/challenge written on the next layer.

Questions/Challenges were as follows:
  • In The Song Once There Was A Snowman, How Many Times Do you Say The Word "Snowman"
  • In The Song, Christmas Bells, What do the Christmas Bells Tell You
  • Sing The Last Line of "Lullaby Little One"
  • Name another name for Jesus that we sing in the song "Lullaby Little One"
  • Why Couldn't Mary & Joseph stay at the inn?
  • What Did Mary wrap Baby Jesus in?
  • What song are we singing next week in Sacrament Meeting

Another variation would be to have the kids sing the next line/word of the song where the pianist stopped...

Of course you need to set ground rules of:
  • reverence
  • only tear off ONE LAYER at a time
  • pass the present in a timely manner (no holding on to it)
The kids loved it, and the older boys were so attentive to be sure they knew the answers to everyone's questions. We got throught 6 of the 8 layers!

I'm thinking of doing this for Junior Primary next week, with easier questions/challenges!